India's ESG Landscape: A Transformation in Progress

The landscape of corporate success in India is undergoing a transformative shift. As the world embraces a low-carbon future, climate-smart investments are no longer just environmentally beneficial – they represent a powerful engine for economic growth. This presents an enormous opportunity for Indian businesses to position themselves as leaders in the markets of tomorrow.

India, with its vast economic potential and growing population, is at the forefront of this change, with Indian companies beginning to contribute to sustainable development efforts. EsgCiti, recognizing the critical role of private capital, aims to help Indian businesses achieve their climate goals. Recent reforms have improved India's business environment, further attracting investment and paving the way for a low-carbon transition.

Introducing the EsgCiti’s Top 10 ESG Frontrunners List - April 2024

We are proud to introduce the first report on "Top 10 ESG Frontrunners 2023" list, highlighting Indian companies demonstrating leadership in ESG practices prepared by the EsgCiti Core Team.

Our list goes beyond simply acknowledging new-age excellence. It serves as a valuable resource for investors and clients seeking opportunities that align with their financial goals and contribute to a sustainable future for India. The companies featured here exemplify how strong ESG performance can fuel robust financial results.

These ESG frontrunners are not only excelling today, but are also well-prepared to navigate the evolving landscape of sustainable business. Their commitment to ESG aligns them with potential future regulations and investor preferences, making them prime candidates for continued success.

Why Focus on ‘Top 10 ESG Frontrunners List’?

Why our Methodology and Scoring is beyond the basics?

Our robust methodology goes beyond traditional metrics. Our scoring reveals a more comprehensive view of a company's ESG performance placing significant weight on a company's environmental footprint, energy consumption, waste management practices, and more. This methodology assigns weights to each parameter and considers qualitative and quantitative data points. Our current 71 parameters are categorized into three main areas: Environment, Social, and Governance. Each area has its own sub-categories with specific metrics used for scoring. The specific weighting and scoring system are proprietary and is subject to change.

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