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Where sustainability meets data to build a sustainable tomorrow. EsgCiti is your ESG Compass to navigate the path towards impact and net zero emissions.

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At EsgCiti, sustainable success starts with navigation of profit with purpose. We're your comprehensive partner in navigating the evolving world of ESG.

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  • ESG Compliance
  • Impact Investing
  • Carbon Trading
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Stay ahead of market trends and regulations with our innovative solutions. Align your investment or business with EsgCiti's data and expertise to achieve your ESG goals.

1. Investors

Gain access to multiple ESG scoring lists and customized reports.

2. Listed Companies

Benefit from our expert Advisory services to ensure compliance with evolving ESG regulations.

3. Private Companies

Integrate ESG compliance into your core business strategy using our Intelligent Proprietary Software.

4. Capital Markets

We will help stockbroking companies bridge the gap and become the trusted link between investors and impactful opportunities.

5. Funds

Partner with us to build diverse, impactful funds.

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  • EsgCiti's Top 10 ESG Frontrunners List - April 2024
Our "Top 10 ESG Frontrunners List - April 2024" spotlights innovative Indian companies with the potential to become future industry leaders.
Our Their agility and focus on ESG practices position them for significant growth, leading the way in a more sustainable business landscape.
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  • EsgCiti Think Tank for Impact Investing & Sustainability

EsgCiti's Think Tank is a powerful network of investors, VCs, fund managers, bankers, business leaders, policymakers, and sustainability champions.

It will deliberate into adoption of impact investing practices, ESG compliance & sustainable business. To join this exclusive Think Tank, drop us a line at info@esgciti.com.
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